Thursday, September 20, 2007

Values to be used for Staging Table mapping Keys

Hint: I recommend always mapping the Staging Table keys as numeric value (Leading zero-filled) values to ensure that the multi-threaded functionality in the CC&B batch processes can be utilised as part of your conversion run.
Whilst the mapping tool allows for alphanumeric mappings (or trailing space-filled) it will restrict you to single-threaded instances of all conversion batch tasks.
Where the mapping is dependent on complex mapping of multiple source entities into a single concatenated value, always attempt to ensure that the resulting field is numeric. eg. when concatenating Source Account and Service Identifier (eg. 12345 'Electricity') choose notional numeric values for each service type and zero fill to result in a CC&B staging value of '0012345001' (ie. TO_CHAR(Account_Number || TO_CHAR(DECODE(Service_type,'Electricity','1','Gas','2','Water','3'), '000'), '0000000000')

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